Traditional African Jewellery

Traditional African Jewellery and African Accessories date back over 75 000 years. The tribal people of Africa have always used personal decoration as an integral part of their cultures – we see glimpses of this in pictorial iconography across the continent. Traditional African jewellery is not only about beauty but can convey many different messages within each cultures community. Be it wealth, status, currency or a means of protection – much like the men of the Tuareg tribe who pass on the “Tuareg cross” from father to son, there is a significant meaning behind every piece. The Ouled Naïl women of Algeria would even dance wearing bracelets with long spikes in order to fight off excessively enthusiastic admirers.

The jewellery and accessories take on many different forms, from cast iron to glass or clay beads, brass to silver and goldbracelets, headpieces, earrings, rings and necklaces all form part of the melting pot of bejewelled diversity and beauty that is Africa.

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