African Fabrics

African textiles and hand woven African fabrics and materials go back thousands of years. The oldest examples of Tribal textiles were discovered near Burkino Faso in Iron Age graves of the first millennium AD.

Animal hair, wool, cotton, palm leaves and even tree bark are popular materials used for these fabrics. Weaving is of great significance and value to many African cultures. Some tribes believe that the weaving of thread is like the process of rebirth or human reproduction. The colour and pattern of the fabrics are highly significant, some even being used as historical documents or a means of commemorating a specific person or event.

Wezandla brings this ancient art form to you with an exciting collection of textiles. Sourced from the beautiful Adire tie-dyed fabrics of the Yoruba people to the unique and distinctive Mudcloth of the Bambara tribe.Buy Traditional African Fabrics Online

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