Zulu Basketry

African Basketry in the form of woven baskets and bowls is sought after by lovers of African crafts. In KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, numerous women work at the art of traditional basketry. They produce this beautiful traditional craft to supplement their incomes and support their families. They craft a wonderful range of woven baskets and bowls, grass baskets and wire baskets.

The women work in their homes, where they can assimilate basket-making into their normal routine. This gives them time to raise their children, work in the fields, collect water and other daily chores.

Every one of these handmade traditional African baskets are made using indigenous raw materials. The basket varies from area to area, depending on the availability of raw materials and eventual function. It can take up to one month to produce a medium-sized basket that will be unique in size, shape, pattern, weave and colour. A true African collector’s item. A more modern version of this art form is the use of colourful telephone wire that is braided and woven into beautiful one of a kind telephone wire baskets.

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