Ashanti Fertility Doll

Ashanti Fertility Doll


Handmade Ashanti Fertility Doll.  These dolls are consecrated by priests and are thought to have the power to make barren women conceive, and to protect the women in pregnancy.  They celebrate Ashanti ideals of beauty, as a high forehead is a symbol of beauty.  They are carried around and treated like a real child by the Ashanti women.  They are also used as dolls for young girls to prepare them for motherhood.  The round head of the Ashanti doll is symbolic of the feminine womb.  It also is considered by some to be symbolic of a moon goddess.  After use they are placed in a domestic shrine

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products colour and designs may slightly vary.  Kindly contact us directly if this is a concern.

Origin – Ghana (Ashanti Region)

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