Juju Headdress

Juju Headdress


Bamileke / Juju Feather Headdress – These Juju hats are created by the Bamileke people of Cameroon.  They are meticulously made by sewing feathers to a raffia base that is covered in fabric on the exterior.  The traditional ceremonial headdress consists of dyed or natural feathers to symbolise prosperity and rarity and are believed to possess all the positive qualities of a bird.  They are worn by Fon (kings) or dignitaries during important ceremonies held by tribal chiefs.  Also used by dancers during royal tribal ceremonies held by the chief.  The hat is thought to be an object of power.  In this modern day, they can be used as wall hangings.  Flamboyant and beautiful, they make extraordinary interior art pieces.

Origin – Cameroon, Central Africa

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