Dogon Bronze Horseman

Dogon Bronze Horseman

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Dogon Cast Bronze Horseman - This cast bronze equestrian figure expresses status, prestige and power, bringing honour to the ancestors, current leadership and the owner of the sculpture. Although rare, horsemen as icon have existed for 1000’s of years in Mali. Some would depict a “Hogon” (a spiritual leader), the supreme officeholder, a semi-divine leader of great wisdom, or even a mythological emissary from a distant land. About 400,000 Dogon people live 180 miles south of Timbuktu on the cliffs of Bandiagara, who dominate the plains for over 150 miles. They speak approximately 120 dialects, many of which are not mutually comprehensible. At first they were hunters, but now, on their small fields they cultivate millet, sorghum, wheat, and onion. The millet is stored in high quadrangular granaries around which they build their houses. Because the remoteness of these regions and the aridity of the climate, the Dogon people have been isolated and hence have been able to conserve their ancient religious habits and ways of making the necessary implements to create art pieces such as these. Origin - Mali, West Africa
Actual Product Weight 1.85kg
Actual Product Dimensions 35cm x 8cm x 27cm
Art Style Traditional Style
Sculpture Material Bronze

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